Even a Butterfly Struggles to Fly

Today was a tough day. I was tired and everything felt like a struggle.

I visited the mirror several times
to look at the butterfly tattooed
behind me 
on my left shoulder…
I put it there
to remind me 
of my healing process
how far I have come.

You know the butterfly story.

The caterpillar encases itself in a cocoon,
dissolving so it can nourish 
the new life being formed.

When the butterfly
starts emerging from the cocoon
it is a struggle.

Xavier always told me healing
is an inside job
Being born is also.
an inside job for the butterfly

because if anyone tries to help 
by opening the cocoon
to make it easier,
the butterfly will die.

It is the struggle 
that pushes vital fluids into the wings
which allow the butterfly to fly

Some days are hard
but the struggle helps me
find my wings.

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