Loving Ourselves

There is a quote  
hanging above my desk
that says

In order to
love who you are
you cannot hate the
experiences that
shaped you

and I like to add…..
or how you reacted to them!

But shaped is the key word here.
As the years have gone by
I am finding it easier these days
when someone shakes my snow globe
to pause for a minute
and allow the feelings to settle.
I try not to react
but to act –
from a place more loving, 
kind and compassionate.

It makes it easier to
accept others,
knowing their experiences 
also helped shape them.

And all of this
as always
brings us back
to unconditional self-love
because I unconditionally love myself
I will skip the cookie tonight
and make myself
with great love,
a cup of herbal tea.

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